Meet Packing List

For the first year runner, packing for a meet can be confusing. Here some information to help out!

For meets, we have team issued tops, shorts and warm jackets and pants. So, at meets, everyone is required to wear team issue clothes. Here is a simple list for kids to use to pack their duffle bag before the meet. We will have more detail before the first meet. They should have their racing clothes on before we leave. It is nice to change out of them after the race



Proper undergarments
-any compression wear must be solid black
-sports bras can be any color
-no boxers! I repeat NO BOXERS!!!

Team shirt (wear it)

Running shoes
Extra socks (feet get wet during warm-up)
Extra shirt
Water bottle!
Warm up top
Sweat shirt/sweat pants
Personal music for getting psyched up!


Eat a light breakfast, something that will agree with you. Some suggestions:

-banana bread and a small glass of milk
-toast and peanut butter with some applesauce
-some people like cereal, just avoid a lot of milk
-power bar and a banana
-frozen waffle with peanut butter and some syrup

Whatever you choose to eat, keep track of what it is and how your stomach handles it on race day

Some meets you will not run for some time, a full breakfast is totally fine, it should be digested before you run.

You need to start hydrating two days before the meet. Your urine should be clear and close to colorless/light yellow most of the time.