Pasta Dinners

Hints and Suggestions for Hosting Dinners

Contact parent helpers to assign who is doing what and confirm they are still able to help.

 The day prior to the pasta dinner please have a slip of paper sent with students to let them know where and when the dinner will be.

 Most hosts find it easiest to have the kids eat in the garage or not the deck since there are 36 athletes. Not everyone will attend, but a lot do.

 Plates and silverware are provided and will be transferred from each host party. 1st person to host will need to contact Mr. Westby for the crate of plates and silverware.  

 Typical Menu
Salad (not a lot of kids take salad or a lot of salad)
Garlic bread
Drinks (go easy on white milk, only 1/2 gallon will do this year 🙂

 Have garbage can out for the athletes to scrape plates and then the crate next to the garbage can so they can put the plates and silverware in when done. Wash dishes and forward on to the next host. 

Dinner Friday August 27th – Location High School (Pre-Watertown Invite)
Host Stacci Barganz 262-442-3465
Helper Josie Kincaid 920-723-7001
Helper Peggy Boshart 920-691-2541
Helper Marilyn Lovejoy 651-216-8363
Helper Jenny Sukow 920-988-6520

Pasta Dinner Friday September 3rd (Pre-Verona Invite)
Host Todd & Rachelle Zorn 414-640-3053
Helper Marie Anne Branaman 920-342-4915
Helper Lisa Haas 920-728-0569
Helper Carolyn Krapfl 920-728-4859
Helper Kurt & Sue Chapman

Pasta Dinner Friday September 24th (pre-Muskego invite)
Host Teresa Traxler 920-728-0709
Helper Amber Burke 920-222-9433
Helper Tanya Geiger 262-366-6173
Helper Lorrie Godfrey 262-497-3380
Helper Tara Zachgo 920-723-4635

Pasta Dinner Friday October 15th (Pre-Conference meet)
Helper Julie Kusel 920-397-6159
Helper Dawn Frey 608-290-7321
Helper Kelly Davis 920-723-3155